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How Blockchain Wallet Can Secure Your Online Payments?

Many organizations and individuals care about the safety of their finances. Research shows that people lose millions of dollars every year as a result of hacker attacks and this figure continues to grow. As a result, a person begins to look for a simple and affordable way to secure their assets. Blockchain wallet security is one of the best solutions because thanks to this you can solve a lot of problems.

What is blockchain and what kind of wallets are there?

In the past few years, blockchain has been one of the most contradictory and well-known technologies. It is an innovative database that has excellent security, and in combination with smart contracts, it helps to solve a large set of issues in an automated way. It was created specifically to simplify the circulation of cryptocurrency as much as possible, therefore has a sufficient number of tools.

What is blockchain wallet? This is a unique technology that uses mainly cryptocurrencies and functions in the blockchain system. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that all information about the recipient is completely encrypted, and only the system itself can process the data. Thus, if you want to make payments anonymously, while at the same time preventing the likelihood of interception as much as possible, then nothing is better than a blockchain wallet.

The principle of operation can be easily compared to a lock and many keys. If you have a lot of keys on your desk, this does not mean that you can open the door if you do not know which one is suitable. Only the recipient knows how to quickly find the key to the lock.

The main types of blockchain wallets

Today blockchain online wallet is presented in several varieties, the most popular of them are:

  1. Software Wallets. You install special software on your computer that connects to your browser. It records and verifies all financial transfers that have been made from this device.
  2.  Web/Hosted. By the way, they are used, they are more like applications, they do not require the installation of special programs on a computer, therefore they are a little easier to use, but their level of protection is not always as high as that of the previous version.
  3. Hardware. All keys to the blockchain are stored on a separate device, such as a USB. In the future, you can connect them to any gadget that has access to the Internet, enter a password, and use it. Many consider this option to be the most secure.
  4. Paper Wallets. Uses 2 key pairs (public and private). They are printed on paper. Suitable when using payment systems where keys can be entered manually or by scanning a QR code.

The choice of the type of blockchain wallet depends on which payment systems you are used to using and what kind of cryptocurrency you use. Before installation, you should consult with a specialist, and it is better to develop a special system for the needs of your company. In this case, the technology will be as useful as possible for you.

Benefits of using them

Today, the following advantages of blockchain are distinguished:

  • Security;
  • Easy to use;
  • No government control;
  • Lack of the influence of inflation;
  • You can use a mobile device;
  • Can be used in conjunction with artificial intelligence.

Let's try to consider all the benefits of using blockchain wallets. Everyone is able to find the most useful options for themselves based on the specifics of the company's work.


How secure is blockchain? This question is of interest to everyone who has ever heard about this technology. At the moment, the blockchain is considered one of the most secure databases. This is largely due to the fact that all information is entered here automatically, thanks to the use of certain equipment or software, all data cannot be changed. If the system detects an attempt to hack or change information (regardless of who is doing it), it can delete all data. That is why the security blockchain is considered one of the most thoughtful that exist today.

Ease of use

After all the software is installed, you can enjoy the ease of use of the blockchain. All data is recorded and processed automatically, so you can rely on computer technology as much as possible. They will take over some of your responsibilities so you can do more important things.

No government control

At the moment, the governments of different countries cannot track financial transfers in the blockchain system, so you have nothing to worry about. To make large money transfers in cryptocurrency, there is no need to fill out a large amount of paperwork or be afraid of taxes. All data here is well encrypted and no one can get the keys.

No Inflation Impact

Many people do not know in what currency it is worth keeping money so that inflation does not destroy assets. Proven cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum will be a great solution because their value is constantly growing. Thus, you get the opportunity to build up your assets and receive passive income. The value of a currency does not depend on the country's policy, but on the state of the market as a whole, the demand for this currency. It cannot be regulated by any department. This makes cryptocurrencies more reliable than other types of currencies.

The mobile device can be used

If you want to have access to the system 24/7, then a good solution would be to install a mobile app. So, you can check your assets, make various decisions. To prevent the application from taking up too much memory on your mobile device, you yourself decide how much information you need to download. For example, many people only need information for the current month and there is no need to store all the data for a year.

Use with artificial intelligence

How to secure your bitcoin wallet? To make an e-wallet using bitcoin as secure as possible, a combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence can be used.

Artificial intelligence can make it as easy as possible to work with the blockchain. It monitors possible hacker attacks and prevents them. Practice shows that it is much more difficult to break through such a defense. In addition, the blockchain often fails, produces various errors (the system requires many improvements), AI can solve them without human intervention. It is much easier to train artificial intelligence than people, so large companies prefer not to hire a blockchain specialist, but to use the appropriate technical support. This allows you to save a lot.

Why is a blockchain wallet better than a bank?

The blockchain was specially designed to use cryptocurrency. Many types of businesses now use this type of currency to conduct financial transactions with international transactions.

It is rare to find a bank that uses cryptocurrencies, in addition, all transactions are as easy as possible to track.

Another disadvantage of banks is that they charge a lot of commission. If we are talking about large amounts, then the bank may ask for a large fee for its services. The blockchain wallet does not take any commission at all, regardless of the amount of payment and the type of currency. The user does not lose anything.

Disadvantages of blockchain wallets

Bitcoin wallet security is quite high, however, more and more hackers are starting to spend a huge amount of time to solve the secret. It should be admitted that despite such excellent protection, many still manage to hack it. There is more and more information on the network that this or that blockchain-based system has been hacked.

Often, software development is required for the features of the program. It takes a really long time, requires rebuilding the entire financial system of the organization, and training staff to work in new conditions.

Another disadvantage of the technology is that it is too complex to understand. Today there are not many good specialists who could install all the technical support correctly. Not everyone can do this work on their own.


How secure is blockchain? At the moment, the blockchain wallet is one of the most secure methods of executing transactions using cryptocurrencies. It allows not only to make all financial transactions as secure as possible from interception but also to make payments anonymous.

If you want to make payments more secure, use blockchain in combination with artificial intelligence. This will be a great solution for those who want to simplify the maintenance of the system and make sure that it is effective.