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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

For the convenience of using tokens and blockchain, we propose to implement a wallet for any currency.

cryptocurrency wallet
execution options

Web wallet
Mobile application
Telegram bot

Exchange features

  • Sending transactions
  • Change password
  • API
  • View balance
  • Google 2fa
  • Viewing staking statistics
  • Viewing transaction history
  • Viewing the authorization history
  • Output of address
  • Viewing mining statistics
    (if necessary) eleven.
  • Working with an affiliate network
    (if necessary)

List of services

That are ready

and can be installed
by you within 1 day

(depending on the synchronization time of the node):


web wallet


mobile wallet


crypto wallet


offline wallet

Main things you need to know

Legal aspect of cryptocurrency wallet development

If you are developing a cryptocurrency wallet within another project or product and you need legal support or documentation, our lawyers will help with this.
Just let us know and we will prepare the whole package of documents that you will need.

Cryptocurrency wallet support

We offer both technical support for developers or customers who do not have their own team of programmers and round-the-clock support for your users and customers.

Backups and wallet protection

We use only stable technologies and cold storage (if required) to maximize security and avoid hacker attacks.
In 5 years of work we have not had any incidents related to security or loss of funds. Safety, speed and reliability are our top priorities.

Time to develop a
cryptocurrency wallet

Depending on the selected cryptocurrencies:






and others

Installation and setup
takes 1 to 10 days.

This is due to the fact that for the full operation of wallets, you need to deploy at least two nodes for each cryptocurrency, after which the process of their synchronization begins, which lasts quite a long time (up to several days)