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Each smart contract is accompanied by a set of tests and code audit.

Supported standards:

How is a smart
contract developed?

First of all
You fill in a brief in which you tell about what functions the smart contract should carry out. You can simply verbally describe the goals you want to achieve.
After that
We offer both technical support for developers or customers who do not have their own team of programmers and round-the-clock support for your users and customers.
In the third stage
In the third stage, programmers write the code of your smart contract and deploy it to the test network.
After that
The testers then create tests for all functions used in the smart contract and test it for vulnerabilities.
Fifth step
At the request of the customer, the smart contract is sent for audit to an independent audit organization.
Sixth - everything is ready
When everything is ready, we send you a ready-made smart contract code with all the necessary documentation.

Don't have a team of developers ?! Not a problem

If you do not have your own team of developers - we offer full support for the development and maintenance of smart contracts.