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Top Blockchain Development Companies to Improve Your Business Efficiency

Interest in blockchain technologies is overgrowing these days. It is because they have long ceased to be used only in the crypto industry but have also been extended to many other areas. Numerous blockchain companies are engaged in developing unique software that can radically change the way you approach business and help establish many processes.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a unique decentralized database that was originally used for cryptocurrencies. With this technology, crypto traders can store large amounts of information and perform various financial transactions.

Blockchain is widely used today in a wide variety of industries, such as:

  • Tourism;
  • Heavy and light industry;
  • Agriculture;
  • Logistics;
  • Medicine and many others.

One of the main advantages of blockchain is the ability to use smart contracts. It is a unique type of agreement that works wholly and automatically prevents the likelihood of fraud.

In general, blockchain can benefit any company, no matter what it does. Typically, the software is installed on primary computers. It is essential to understand that the blockchain has stored absolutely all data since its inception. Therefore, before starting software development, you need to purchase expensive equipment with high power and storage. In addition, the blockchain is quite complex to understand, so you will need to retrain your staff and master a lot of data yourself. But if you can still master this complex technology, you can feel the full benefits of using it.

How can blockchain improve your business?

Blockchain software companies today can develop software for the needs of almost any industry. So, using blockchain has many advantages:

  • Automation of many projects;
  • Improving data security;
  • Improving trust with partners;
  • Ability to use smart contracts;
  • Ability to use cryptocurrencies.

Many companies are trying to use blockchain technology along with artificial intelligence. It will optimize many processes. For example, car companies can connect blockchain technologies to equipment for measuring the number of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. All data here is unchanged, so doing so can increase the level of trust in you. In general, blockchain is ideal for companies that operate with integrity and want to prove it.

All data is recorded in the blockchain automatically. Plus, using smart contracts can save you a lot of repetitive work that still needs to be done. Thanks to the blockchain, you can shift many of your responsibilities to computer technology.

Blockchain providers pay special attention to data security. All data is stored here in separate chains. You will be able to independently decide which data can be published and which, on the contrary, should remain private. Blockchain is one of the safest technologies today.

Blockchain development companies also create cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and NFTs, which allows you to make good money. Today, many large corporations are beginning to use cryptocurrencies to carry out financial transactions actively. It enables you to perform various operations without intermediaries, as quickly as possible and without commission. It also avoids government regulation.

Blockchain development companies

There are quite a few IT organizations that are developing such software. The list of blockchain companies includes:

  • ValueCoders;
  • PixelCrayons;
  • SoluLab;
  • Hyperlink Infosystem;
  • Yudiz Solutions;
  • Blockchain App Factory;
  • Agile InfowaYs Pvt Ltd;
  • Zibtek Inc;
  • Idealogic.
  • December Labs.

Each of the above companies has been on the market for a long time, has an excellent reputation, completed many orders, and proved that they could be trusted.


It is one of the most famous and popular wallet builders from India. It now operates in over 40 countries around the world. This company develops software for various companies, and it has ready-made solutions for different industries, which allows it to perform other tasks many times faster.

The company has been on the market for over 16 years, so there is no reason to doubt its experience and professionalism. Nevertheless, the price for services here is one of the lowest.


It holds a special place among the best blockchain companies. The company specializes in creating software for Hyperledger, smart contracts, and Ethereum. The developers here pay special attention to data security, reducing the cost of storing information, eliminating duplicates. For more than 15 years of existence, PixelCrayons has been able to reach great heights. It has received several significant awards.


It is another blockchain company that deserves your attention. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it monitors the intrigues of intruders and can do everything to prevent hacking of the system.

Overall, the company is one of the leaders in creating security software. For six years of work, the company has implemented many successful large projects and proved that it can be trusted.

Hyperlink Infosystem

It is another top-notch company from India that has been in the market for over nine years. It occupies a reasonably significant place among the top blockchain companies due to several very successfully implemented projects.

It develops blockchains and provides many other services. You can apply here to create crypto wallets, exchanges, smart contracts, and other software.

Yudiz Solutions

It is proud of its qualified team. Over the years, it has been able to gain an excellent reputation. It develops innovative technologies and often uses them in its work. It now works in over ten countries and has good references.

Blockchain App Factory

It is one of the youngest and most successful companies on the list. Among all blockchain leaders, it can be of interest to everyone who wants to get advanced solutions in smart contracts, ICOs and Hyperledger.

Now the Blockchain App Factory operates all over the world and is quite popular. Today it works with such well-known brands as McDonald's, Dash, DasCoin, New Zone, Ether Gold, and many others.

Agile InfowaYs Pvt Ltd

It is a huge success due to the excellent professionalism of the company's employees. The best indicator is the fact that 82% of all customers come back here again. For seven years of work, the company has implemented more than 2 thousand projects.

The company is recognized by NASSCOM, ISO as an emerging blockchain software development company and is a Microsoft partner. In a reasonably short period, Agile InfowaYs Pvt Ltd was able to achieve success. Nevertheless, the cost of services here remains low.

Zibtek Inc

At the moment, Zibtek Inc is one of the most reputable blockchain technology companies. It has been working for over ten years and has implemented a huge number of projects. Its main advantage is that it can work in various software, create blockchain-based applications. The company has excellent ratings and only positive customer reviews.


Idealogic is primarily focused on developing startups to support small and medium businesses. Here you can order services to create blockchain technologies, smartphone applications, artificial intelligence, and much more.

Even though a large team of professionals works here, the cost of services here is relatively low.

December Labs

December Labs was founded in 2014. Over the years, it has assembled a large team of professionals, implemented a considerable number of projects, and even earned an excellent rating. It is ready to implement any project but it will take a reasonably large fee for it.

What to look for when choosing a development company?

The choice of a developer company largely depends on the company that makes the order. So, for a large enterprise, mobile applications are usually not needed, but more knowledge in artificial intelligence is necessary, the ability to find solutions for several departments at once. While for a small company that is engaged in, for example, logistics services, a blockchain application would improve customer relationships.

Regardless of whether to hire or sign a contract, it is worth only with developers who:

  • have extensive work experience;
  • can build sophisticated software that will improve your business;
  • offers low prices;
  • deliver a vast range of services, including post-project technical support.

It is essential to understand that an agency that develops digital technologies must work officially and under a contract. Before starting work, you must agree on all the conditions, precise requirements and deadlines, the amount of the fee, and much more. The price for services cannot be changed during cooperation.

User reviews are also of great importance. Try to find a client who has already worked with the company of your choice and get their opinion. 

It will make sure that you have the right team of professionals who will do their job well. It is essential to understand that if an error occurs in creating blockchain technologies, it becomes impossible (or extremely difficult) to fix it after the project's launch.


Today, there are many blockchain tech companies, and each of them has its advantages. It is necessary to consider the cost of services per hour and work experience, the number and quality of completed projects, and its reputation when choosing. If you select any of the above companies, you can get the best possible result. They have an impeccable reputation, low prices, and extensive experience in various projects.