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How To Hire A Blockchain Developer For Your Company?

Interest in Blockchain is growing at a tremendous rate. Miners and traders and people who are not associated with the crypto-industry were able to appreciate all the advantages of the technology. As a result, many companies today want to hire blockchain developer to create unique software for clients' needs. Such a decision can radically change your attitude to doing business and significantly improve the efficiency of departments.

What is Blockchain and the benefits of using it?

Blockchain is a unique database that has no analogs because it works in a decentralized manner. Developers started talking about this technology for the first time back in the 90s of the 20th century, but it became widespread only in 2009 with the appearance of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Previously, only the cryptocurrency industry used this technology. But today, there is a trend that more and more industries that are not related to cryptocurrencies are using Blockchain. It is because the technology has the following advantages:

  • Improved data security;
  • Automation of many processes;
  • Increasing trust between the customer and the contractor;
  • Ability to use cryptocurrencies for customer service;
  • Adjusts the process of work of several departments on one project and much more.

All data in the blockchain database can be recorded automatically to artificial intelligence or manually set by a person. All information remains unchanged, and if an attacker decides to view it without having access or changing it, it will be automatically deleted.

Blockchain is a massive cloud for storing information, which records all processes when the program was created. As a result, this system requires quite a lot of power to operate. The owner of the information will indicate who can view it and whether it can be opened to the public. It will allow at the same time and enable several specialists working on one project to get more accessible communication and increase the level of trust with the customer.

Creating a network using blockchain for the entire company will be an excellent solution, since you can properly delegate responsibilities, give access to information to all specialists who need it. It will help reduce the time for data exchange between departments.

What is a blockchain developer?

What is blockchain developer? It is a company or freelancer that develops Blockchain for the needs of the client.

It is important to note that Blockchain is incredibly complex software, which takes a massive amount of time and effort and requires much knowledge. Nevertheless, the program code of the world's first Blockchain, which Bitcoin works on, is in the public domain, and anyone can use it.

A good programmer who specializes in this subject will adapt it depending on the client's needs. It would be best to spend less time on this, and the result will be more predictable.

So, a blockchain developer is a programmer or a group of people who know a particular programming language to create or adopt a ready-made blockchain. Often a large number of people are working on such a project, because one specialist needs much more time and mistakes are possible.

What to look for when hiring a blockchain developer?

There are several ways to hire cryptocurrency developer today:

  • Contact an IT company that develops blockchains;
  • Find a freelancer on the exchange (for example, Upwork);
  • Find out from your partners where they ordered the software.

Before starting cooperation with an IT company, you should carefully study the website and read the recommendations. If you decide to cooperate with a talented freelancer, then you need to conduct an interview to understand how ready he is to cooperate and whether the candidate has enough qualifications. It is worth focusing on the previous experience of a hired programmer.

Practice shows that you do not have to hire a programmer permanently who will create a blockchain and then monitor its regular operation. Usually, it will be more profitable and more effective to contact an IT company that already has a ready-made engine that can be easily adapted to your needs.

After the introduction of technology into your system, cooperation with the company does not end. You can contact the developer in case of the slightest problems. The person who created the code will understand much faster why the failure occurred and how best to fix it.

What skills should a developer have?

Usually, software development requires specific blockchain developer skills, such as:

  • Basic programming concepts. It includes understanding the syntax of major programming languages, working with OOPS, and implementing multithreading in various types of apps.
  • Data structure. Linked lists, hash tables, and acyclic graphs.
  • Encryption and security. Knowledge of SHA, encryption, and decryption methods.
  • Specific skills and concepts of Blockchain. Understanding the basic concepts of DLT, Immutability, Consensus, Smart Contracts, Dapps, Sharding, Public Blockchain, and Permitted Blockchain.

As already said, Blockchain is a challenging platform to understand and requires a lot of knowledge to work with. The specialist must have extensive experience in development because a specific programming language is used here and is an unusual approach to writing code.

What other points do you need to pay attention to when choosing a developer?

Choosing blockchain developers is a rather complicated process because there are a lot of things to consider, such as:

  • Developer experience and the ability to provide examples of previously completed work;
  • Service cost;
  • How long does it take to develop a project;
  • The operating principle of the developer company;
  • Recommendations.

Before turning to blockchain programmers for help, the customer must independently study what types of Blockchain are, how it works, and what functions it can perform. The knowledge gained will allow you to formulate the task as accurately as possible. When placing an order, you need:

  • Tell all your wishes for blockchain development;
  • Consultation on technical support;
  • Establish the exact cost of the project and delivery time;
  • Answer all questions of a specialist;
  • Make sure that before launching the Blockchain, it will be audited by an independent company.

The difference between Blockchain and other types of software is that after the final launch of the platform, it becomes challenging, and sometimes even impossible, to make any changes. As a result, experienced developers immediately want to clarify all possible details so that the customer is satisfied with the final result of cooperation.

After all the points are agreed upon, the customer and the developer must sign a contract, which will spell out all the rights and obligations of the parties. It will be the key to your honest cooperation.

Usually, in IT companies, the cost of a project depends on the amount of time that a specialist will spend on it. They often have a reasonably clear work plan, and the cost per hour remains the same. As a result, you will be able to calculate how much the project will be built approximately even before the start of cooperation.

Also, in the contract, you will be able to prescribe all the stages of payment. Some companies ask for a small upfront payment for a small amount of work done to ensure the client is paying. This practice is every day, and you have nothing to worry about.

You can install the Blockchain on a device that meets the technical specifications and has a vast amount of memory. Usually, companies do not own this capacity, and computers must be purchased separately. These costs must be accounted for separately.

Another critical aspect is an audit. Writing code is a rather complicated process, and often even an experienced specialist may not notice stake errors that become noticeable only during the program's operation. As already mentioned, it is challenging to make any changes to the code at this stage, so it is better to conduct an audit before launching. An independent expert must conduct the audit. They will identify system vulnerabilities, find errors, and suggest how they can be quickly and easily resolved.

One of the most potent factors in choosing a specialist is a recommendation. It's always best to contact developers who have done similar work to your acquaintances. It will be the best guarantee of fruitful work with your corporation.


What is a blockchain developer? This is a person or company that creates software using Blockchain. Concluding a contract or hiring such a specialist will be a good decision if you want to implement the technology and ensure it will work correctly. When choosing specialists, it is necessary to consider work experience, skills, examples of previous work, and much more.