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Blockchain Software Development

Build your own blockchain solutions with proven technology.

we offer

А flexible and well-tested blockchain engine for launching projects with various consensus algorithms, such as: POW, POS, Hot-Stuff, POA.

You can configure your blockchain as you need:

Block size
Reward for the block
And more

Just contact us


Depending on the complexity, we can launch the project in a few days

  • TestNet

    2 days
  • Only nodes without interface


    3 days
  • Wallet, Explorer

    5 days
  • API

    5 days
  • Stacking

    3 days
  • Mining

    4 days

Use case

Blockchain Support

Also we will assist you with round-the-clock support. So feel free to ask any questions.
We also offer full legal support: from company registration to the creation of regulatory documents for your potential users. Just let us know about the scope of your project and we will also advise you on legal issues.

Blockchain Scalability

Our blockchain engine is designed so that any new feature can be integrated as an optional module of a multicomponent structure.
This allows you to flexibly configure the project and implement the use of side-chains for global expansion of the network, implementation of anonymization nodes or to give it greater bandwidth.

Hardware requirements

Using a node on Core 2, with 4GB of RAM, with loading in several transactions in 10 seconds, up to 6% of RAM and up to 3% of CPU are used.
But using in 24/7 and for other OS services, the minimum requirements are 2GB RAM, 1 Core, SSD disk and recommended 4GB RAM +, 2Core +, SSD disk.

Blockchain Technical details

To generate the address above the random string,
the following algorithms are used:
  • SHA256
  • ripemd160
  • HEX
When signing transactions, for transaction data
(from + to + amount + timestamp):
  • SHA256
  • ECDSA (secp256k1)
  • HEX